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Unbelievable 18 Karat Gold Bangles And Then Some

Bangles came into fashion traditionally as ornaments worn mostly by women of South Asia in places such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, amongst others. However, in the true global village the world has now become, bangles are now a common fashion item across the world.

Bangles are the more rigid bracelets, customarily made from glass, shell, copper and wood but has also evolved to being made from materials such as metal, plastic, bronze, platinum, agate, silver and gold. They now also have precious stones and gems set into them.

Bangles are circular and have a fixed shape unlike other bracelets that are more flexible in their fit depending on the hands they are worn. Usually, bangles are worn in multiples rather than singles but this depends on the style of the bangles as they range from simple to now more complex and intricate designs.

There are primarily two types of bangles – the first being the rigid circular ones without a fastening which the hands squeeze through and the other having an opening and closing clasp.


This traditionally designed clunky bangle is made with 18 karat gold and modelled after the bangles of older civilisations. It looks simple at first glance but a closer look will reveal the complicated and rough design. It is also of the second kind where it has a fastener and does not need the wearer to have a small hand which can squeeze through the opening.


This slim style bangle is made from 18 karat gold but set with yellow diamonds. It’s a simple style ideally to be worn in multiples in order to highlight its beauty. It however does not have a fastener and care should be taken to ensure that the band is the right size for the wearer.


This is another seemingly simply styled bangle however, a closer look will reveal the intricacy of the band which rather than being plain, have a rough feel. It is an 18 karat gold bracelet ideally to be worn in multiples or alongside other similarly styled bangles for a more complex look.


This 18 karat gold bangle is modelled after the old gladiator style. It is suitable for night time events, social outings and occasions as it is a stylish upscale option. Although the bangle looks small, it has a fastener so the wearer does not need to worry about their hand making it through.


This simple 18 karat gold bangle set with white diamonds is another classy and elegant option suitable for high end use as it is delicate and gives off the look of wealth, luxury and opulence. Although the simplicity allows for everyday use, it is best worn for important occasions. It however does not have a fastener and as such would require the right size for the wearer.


This is a plain and simple bangle made with 18 karat gold set with inlaid white diamonds. It is a quality bangle perfect for casual and everyday use. Although wide enough for most, it does not come with a fastener and as such, the wearer should check for size.

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