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Trending Wedding Ring Ideas For 2018

Weddings are absolutely beautiful. Typically characterised by beautiful dresses, shoes, table arrangements, bouquet of flowers and, the most important,  rings. A wedding is a union between two people in love, and ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

For years using a ring to seal this union has been a popular practice, without it a wedding is considered incomplete. Wedding rings are crafted differently; from colourful centre stones, vintage designs to mixed metal settings.


This article is aimed at giving an insight into the latest trends on wedding ring designs, and what’s really trending right now.


Vibrant Colours

For years, the ideal wedding ring usually comes in either a gold or silver colour. Even though these are very classic colours and might always be a popular choice, wedding rings are made in more vibrant colours now.

Wedding rings are now made in different colours like Rose gold; a more feminine shade that compliments every skin tone, Yellow gold and also White gold.



Bold Wedding Rings



Prior to recently, the ideal wedding band would be a simple, slim, and smooth band. Even though this choice was elegant and simple, bold pieces are slowly taking over.

Bold wedding rings offers a two in one use; as a wedding ring and a statement jewellery for any outfit of your choice.


Coloured Gemstones



Coloured gemstones are in season. Not only for statement rings, but also in wedding rings. If you’re a lover of colourful gemstones, then you would definitely love this trend.

Wedding bands are now adorned elegantly, with different coloured gemstones like rubies, emerald, morganite pink and tanzanite blue. These gems are beautiful, exotic and can be a wise investment.


Inlaid Diamond



Inlaid diamonds are for the lovers of vintage designs of wedding rings. There are a wide variety of designs under this category, as this design never goes out of style. The diamonds are crafted elegantly into a plain band of gold, giving it it’s timeless design.

If you or your partner are lovers of traditional wedding rings, then this trend will suit you perfectly.



Diamond And Gemstone Cut


engament-ring-inlaid gold-fine-stone-inlaid


The cut of the diamond or gemstone incorporated in a wedding ring, has become a huge fashion trend right now. There are several options to choose from; round, princess, emerald, radiant, oval and so many others. These cuts add a sort of flair to a wedding ring, and to your bride’s overall look. These cuts do not necessarily have a significance, as they are usually selected based on preferences.


There are other options of rings that are in trend right now. Some of them are;

  • Zirconium rings (a corrosion resistant metal used in reactors).
  • Wooden rings (wood is incorporated in a ring made of metal).
  • Tungsten and ceramic rings (made of a durable metal, mostly used for men’s rings).


Wedding rings have evolved over time from the simple, conventional designs it used to be. This transition has created a wide variety for couples, to choose from based on their preferences.

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