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The Rings That Will Make Her Scream Yes

Choosing rings for a proposal is one of the most nerve racking experiences for a man especially if you are otherwise uninterested in jewellry and do not have the faintest idea what the options are and what your fiancee-to-be would love.

Different people have different ideas of what an engagement ring should be. For some, it begins with cost. It is a commonly held view that an engagement ring should put a hole in your pocket to show the value you place in the wonderful woman you want to marry. This does not have to be the case.

For others, the mark of a good engagement ring is in its beauty, good quality and uniqueness. It is a good idea to know certain things about your partner when going on the hunt for an engagement ring. For instance, is she traditional, conventional or more radical and unusual. This definitely plays a part in choosing a ring.

You also need to consider whether your fiance likes vintage, flash, is into gemstones, diamonds and different coloured stones. Armed with this information, you are sure to fare better when you start looking at engagement rings.

Avoid that woozy feeling when there are too many options and you do not know which to pick from. Here are some amazing rings that will have your fiancee-to-be screaming yes before you even pop the question or finish your shaky speech.


If your fiancee-to-be is a conventional and traditional person, then this ring might be the best option for her. It is an 18 karat gold ring set with white diamonds and sports a slim band. It is the perfect ring that speaks elegance, class and beauty. There is no way you are getting turned down with this ring.


This is a unique piece although fashioned conventionally in the style of other engagement rings. This 18 karat gold ring set with an elevated rough diamond offers your fiancee-to-be something no one else is going to have. This ring with its slim band and rough edges is going to be unique, showing her you got her something special she is not going to find in other places. Just like you! Why wouldn’t she say yes?


If your fiancee-to-be is not too into jewellry and would most likely want an engagement ring that would go on to double as a wedding band then this exquisite piece right here does it. This 18 karat gold hoop ring set with white diamonds combines the simplicity of wedding bands with the beauty of engagement rings. The delicate design and inclusion of diamonds across the wedding band is a sure winner for you.

wedding ring

This is another beautiful and unique option if your fiancee-to-be is not into too much jewellry and would rather wear just one piece which doubles as engagement ring and wedding band as opposed to the norm of having separate pieces. It is an 18 karat gold hoop ring set with rough diamonds and the black gives it a unique look that can’t be found in other pieces.

Pick any of these wonderful Tovi Farber rings and you don’t even need good luck. You already have yourself a fiancee!

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