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Stunning 18 Karat Engagement Rings

Although of Western origin, engagement rings are now a tradition across the world, irrespective of tribe, culture or religion. They are a symbol of a person’s intention to be married represented by a ring given by the prospective partner either as a proposal or request of marriage or after such a proposal has been accepted.

The engagement ring is taken to be a formal agreement to marry. While engagement rings are mostly worn by women, they are also worn by men either as a matching set or as separates each representing the personality and choices of the wearer.

Engagement rings can also become wedding rings and as such, it is important to get the perfect ring of good quality and which the wearer would love long term. Engagement rings come in gold, silver, platinum and other such material while also featuring diamonds and gemstones in some instances.

Contrary to the popular belief that the engagement rings were a tradition sold by the commercial and capitalist West, it actually dates back to ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. As far back as the Middle Ages where betrothals were common, a ring was usually featured as a sign that the pledge or promise has been made and accepted. This tradition continued into the Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, Victorian era before moving into the 20th century although the details of the culture have varied by time and place.


This 18 karat gold hoop ring set with three 15 point and one 35 point white diamonds are a unique and uncommon piece suitable as an engagement ring for someone as special and uncommon able to appreciate the uniqueness of the piece.


This special and unconventional wedding ring is bound to be the delight of your fiancee if she herself is unconventional and would prefer not to wear one of the more common styles available. This 18 karat gold ring set features a black diamond circled with rough diamonds.


Is your fiancee a lover of the unusual? Does she love history or archeology? Enthralled by the stories of ancient civilisations? Then, this might just be the perfect piece for her. It is an 18 karat hoop gold ring set with an elevated rough diamond which may not be the conventional engagement ring but would be beautiful to someone who appreciates vintage and antique.


This is a more conventional ring with a twist. It is one of those pieces able to double as a wedding ring. It is an 18 karat narrow gold ring set with a 10 point white diamond for the simple and subtle woman. The twist here is that the band of this ring is also set with diamonds. Your partner is sure to love it.


This is another simple option for a simple woman without compromising quality and beauty. It is an 18 karat gold ring set with an elevated rough diamond. Whilst simple, the rough diamond takes it to a whole other level.


For those who are crazy about gemstones, this ring definitely the right engagement ring. It is an 18 karat gold ring set with aqua marine, a popular gemstone.

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