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Jewellery Shopping Tips for Men

Women! Women!! Women!!! You can’t live with them, and well, you know how it ends. But let’s face it, some men are actually clueless when it comes to buying the best jewellery for a lady, either their wife, sisters, or even mothers, and we all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend right?


“What kind of jewellery to get a lady?” Is an age-old question, and while some men have been able to figure it out, others have not. Well, that’s what I am here to help you with. Follow these simple rules, or better yet ‘guidelines’, and jewellery shopping for a lady will become a breeze to you

  • Don’t buy what you want to see her in but what she loves

One mistake men commonly make when jewellery shopping is buying what they like, or what they think would look good on a lady, DON’T DO THIS! What you have to keep in mind is that jewelleries serve as adornments for a woman, and are also some form of extension of her personality. You see that necklace or that tiny earring that you think she wears just for the sake of it, might actually mean more than you think.


Now, finding out exactly what she loves might be a drag, but women always give you clues as to what they like or what they are fond of.

  • Observe her shop

I know, I know, to go shopping with a woman can be ‘Arrrgghh’, with the long wait and the unending change of clothes and jewelleries. But, if you really want to study a woman and get a clue as to what she likes, then you just have to man-up and endure it.


Watch her shop, notice that ring or bracelet that makes her voice get excited or her eyes get lit-up. You could surprise her and get it for her then and there, or you could get it delivered to her later.

  • Get her a jewellery that comes with a ‘history’

Pick a piece that comes with a sentimental value. For instance, if you both met in Paris some years back, how about you get her a lovely French bracelet? Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but she would love it because it has a lot of meaning and history attached to it.

gold neckles

  • Look at her

Women are like books. Want to know what they like? Then study them. Observe what she wears most, the kinds of precious stones she likes – gold, diamond, silver? Small ones or big ones? Take a step back and look at what she owns and wears. Study her!

hunning earings

  • Lastly, Listen! Listen!! Listen!!!

Women love attention. This is a FACT! And they often love dropping hints rather than saying things to a man’s face. But, it is your job as a man to listen, even when she does not use her words.

No matter the jewellery you get for a lady, she will definitely love it, but it always a plus to present her with something you know might even lead to tears flowing.

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