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Innovative Inlaid Jewellry for the Modern Woman

The inlay technique is a style of artistry where coloured materials are inserted into pieces, whether wood, metal, marble, precious metals or diamonds, depending the kind of work being made. It is a technique used in various kinds of sculptures, ornaments, and other artwork as well as in jewelry.

The uniqueness of inlay jewelry or inlaid jewelry is that as opposed to the conventional mounting or elevating of gemstones or diamonds in them, the gemstones and diamonds are inserted into the jewelry piece. The jewellry pieces are designed and shaped with carvings which make room for gemstones and diamonds to be inserted into them.

These kinds of jewelry have their pros and cons. They don’t have the usual attachment that the mounted or elevated options have but where they cannot break away like those, they are also vulnerable as the stones can fall out. Designers have come up with techniques where the carvings can form some sort of coverage or protection for the diamonds and gemstones.

The inlaid jewelry techniques can be used for different kinds of jewelry including rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. This technique, although a difficult option, can be used in making personal customizations and engravings. A jewelry store capable of making inlaid jewelry shows more professionalism and quality of the shop as it takes a lot of work and practice to master.

When buying inlaid jewelry, you should know these vulnerabilities and as such, you can take the necessary steps to protect them from harm such as ensuring that they do not directly hit hard surfaces, fall often, or enter into nooks and crannies that can cause damages when trying to get them out.

The inlaid jewelry and not the conventional style are for the bold and contemporary woman.


Can you notice the inlay technique used in this 18 karat gold ring? It is set with the baguette diamonds using this style. This is an unusual and unique piece as the ring band itself is chunky but rough. It is perfect for a host of different occasions going from night outs to casual day wear.


This is another beautiful and unique piece of jewellry that definitely took more work as you can see that there are a lot of diamonds inlaid into this piece. It is an 18 karat gold ring set with rough diamonds that is suitable as an engagement ring, wedding ring, casual fashionable ring for day or night wear. It is an all in one piece.


This necklace is another piece of complex inlaid jewelry. It is an 18 karat gold linked necklace set with black diamonds. Some of the links on this piece has black diamonds inlaid into them making it an intricate piece. It is a multipurpose piece suitable for work, outings and casual wear.


Earrings are not left out of the inlaid jewelry style. This pair of 18 karat gold hoop earrings set with black diamonds are a beautiful pair with the inlay technique. They are simple and beautiful although incorporating black diamonds. This makes them a piece to be worn both for night and day time.

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