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Collection Of 18 Karat Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a symbol across the world that indicate that a person is married. It is traditionally forged from gold or other precious metals and worn on the left or right ring finger. Most spouses exchange rings on their wedding day and continue to wear them day and night. They are even one of the few items that prisoners and their visitors are allowed to wear indicating how important this symbol has come to be.

The earliest indication of wedding rings are in ancient Egypt although they have also been traced back to ancient Rome and Greece as well. It is commonly believed that the practice was spread to Europe and the West through Christianity although it is now common amongst couples of all faiths.

Wedding rings come in different sizes as there are different finger sizes and range from the plain bands without design to the more intricately designed and expensive options based on the couple’s financial capacity and preferences.

It is very common for the bride and groom to sport matching wedding rings although it is also in practice that they wear different rings based on their individual preferences. The Tovi Farber site has a huge collection of 18 karat wedding rings with a variety of options to suit different every intending couple.


This is a plain and simple 18 karat gold wedding band although there is a uniqueness in the rough edges of the band which add a distinct touch. It is suitable for both sexes – male and female as it bears no design favouring either.


This is a more intricate wedding band option although still simple. It is an 18 karat gold band which has designs mimicking gemstones made with gold protusions across the band. It is a more ideal option for the female spouse.


This simple 18 karat gold wedding band is suitable for both men and women although most ideal for the male folk. It is a more stylish take on the usual large male wedding band with rough edges and a minimalist cut.


This slim and simple 18 karat gold wedding band is uniquely and creatively designed for those who want a more complex and intricate wedding band without too much flash. The subtle colour, special design and slim band make it a perfect option for your bride.


This is a beautifully designed 18 karat gold wedding band for the man who is not afraid to be stylish. This ring is engraved with an innovative and intricate design that is fashionable, beautiful and meaningful. It can also be worn by the unconventional bride willing to take risks with her wedding band.


This 18 karat gold wedding band is an unusual and unconventional option for a daring bride or groom. It is beautifully designed with an intricate, creative and intense engraved work that is reminiscent of the old jewellry work of ancient times. This piece is for bold and daring couples willing to go against the grain in making their choice of wedding jewellry.

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