Catalogue 2018

There's magic in the details. That's where this collection began

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Catalogue 2017

Some we need to travel to the far most corners of the night in order to finally see the brightest stars.

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Clients Catalogue

It has been a long-time dream of mine to create a catalogue of jewelry modeled by my clients, and I am thankful to everyone who took the time to help me make it happen.

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Catalogue 2016

This collection celebrates textures, and with a simple and minimalistic design language, it’s up to the jewelry to tell the tale Of the paths it has followed.

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Catalogue 2015

I appreciate the details, am impressed by the whole but feel it's time to turn the soil. Refresh. Renew. Today I am filled with strength and direction. I yearn to sow new seeds, and am flooded with inspiration. With bare hands I begin the planting of a new creation.

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Catalogue 2014

The need to touch, to hold onto something real. That something that will remind us of our faith in ourselves. The jewel is the same. It is a collection of meanings. It empowers and strengthens. It allows us to express who we are. It's how it has always been.

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Catalogue 2013

rigidity vs. flexibility, power vs. delicacy, conspicuous presence vs. hinted elegance. And the result is before you. This year, my collection will be presented by Eyar Elazara from the Batsheva dance company...

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Catalogue 2012

while maintaining its initial beauty, thus experiencing the sense of renewal and excitement over again. I invite you to enter my world and meet the wonderful combination of the force of the material and the delicate visibility it radiates.

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Catalogue 2011

The catalogue offers a collection that will allow you to find your own personal voice – your own personal statement. This year, actress and director Noa Maiman will present my collection - a woman with a passion for female action.

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Catalogue 2010

this year's collection was inspired by nature. In the powerful connection between material, emotion and environment, in the vast energy that comes from simplicity, in our own small and private treasures.

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