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Best Vintage-style Jewellry For The Antique Lover

Vintage, antique and estate jewellry usually refer to jewellry that are dated, second-hand or from a particular period ranging from 20 years to over a hundred years old. There are however jewellry that are newly made yet nevertheless crafted in the style of these older, more dated pieces. They hold a special appeal for some, particularly anthropology, fashion, sociology, history or archeology enthusiasts.

It is incredibly difficult to find original vintage pieces and as such many are satisfied with jewellry that looks like them but does not necessarily bear the history that comes with the older pieces. Vintage style jewellry reproducing older styles and jewellry looks are incredibly common now especially as they are more genuine, easier to find and as beautiful as the heirlooms and more historical pieces.

If the aim for the lover of vintage jewellry is something old and beautiful in looks and not necessarily the history or antiquity of the piece then such reproductions and restyling are very welcome. It also avoids the usual deceit and misunderstandings that come with trying to find reputable dealers and authentic pieces of vintage, estate or antique jewellry.

To buy jewellry modelled after this, you do not need the services of an expert jeweller to confirm that you are actually buying original pieces. You can rely more on your sense of style and just pick vintage-style jewellry that suit your sense of fashion and will create the looks you are going for.

Here are some of the best, one of a kind, and most beautiful vintage-styled jewellry for those who love them.


This 18 karat gold engraved seal ring is the ultimate vintage ring reminiscent of historical functions of such pieces. Beyond this, the style of this ring features an engraving design of an ancient and historical language. They look similar to the carvings and drawings of hieroglyphs and languages such as amharic. The seal ring going back as far as ancient Egypt were used to make impressions of distinctive personal signatures of rulers. They show authority and are a sign of the power of the wearer.


This 18 karat gold pair of textured earrings take you back to a time when men carved drawings on the wall of caves in order to preserve their history. This earring design is the most unusual you will ever find with the attempt to recreate some of those cave art. They are a definite find for the art and antique lover.


These are simple set of 18 karat gold earrings with an easy hook and clasp fastener. They however take you back to older jewellry styles. This particular set have artistic carvings on the body of the earrings that are not just unique and outstanding but carry history with it.


Doesn’t this piece take you back to those gladiator movies and the ancient times they come from? This gorgeous 18 karat gold bracelet is not just a costume piece, it is a suitable option for social events, night time and dressy outfits.

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