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Artist and designer Tovi Farber launched the exclusive and magnificent jewelry brand TOVI FARBER, based on her steadfast love for materials and consistencies, the power embedded in them, and the opportunity they offer to create endless combinations of jewels.  Her workmanship is based on a worldview where textures, structures, contrasts, and intensities come together to create unique and exceptional pieces of distinctly styled jewels. Tovi believes that divergent worlds create a harmonious universe with a singular original entity, and that the creative course involves inspiration, thoughts and beliefs not influenced by trends. Finally, Tovi deems the “process” to be a magical progression into the unknown where ultimately a new piece of jewelry is created, a piece that is a singular personal statement. Only 18k yellow gold is used, embedded with white diamonds, black diamonds and/or with a plethora of colorful semi-precious gemstones.


Gold is the main element used in every collection, whereas colorful semi-precious stones complement and fine-tune the story and the message expressed in every piece.  Tovi believes that each jewel is created for a particular  woman and it awaits her as she seeks it.  This meeting point is central to the artist’s creativity and inspiration. Endless links between women and experiences create expanding circles which continue to generate more and more loops which eventually become new stunning jewelry collections.  Tovi Farber’s designs, based on this concept, provide each woman with a sense of original and individual style when wearing her specific piece of art, her jewel.

The flagship store is located at Ben Yehuda St. 173, Tel-Aviv.

The brand is also sold in a variety of other points of sale around the globe.


About Tovi Farber


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