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18 Karat Gold Earrings

Earrings are beautiful jewellry worn on the ears of both sexes – men and women. They can be worn on the lobe as is most common but also on other parts such as the conch, the rook, the helix or cartilage, the snug, the tragus, or the daith.

Earrings are made from a number of materials including glass, precious stones, bones, wood, beads, and other materials. They commonly require a piercing but can also be clipped on.

Although most common among women, earrings have been used by different civilisations on both sexes. Earring styles also range from small to large in loops, studs, plates and dangling. Gold is one of the most quality materials for making earrings that can be combined with other elements and used in a variety of styles. Buying gold earrings are a fairly common and easy practice that should however be carefully done to ensure the best, lasting and durable quality worth its price.


This ornate and complex 18 karat gold stud earrings set with white diamonds are a small but simple option suitable for use for all events and occasions.


These beautifully designed 18 karat gold rose shaped stud earrings set with white diamond and accompanied with a beer quartz pendant are a beautiful option for dressy events, night outs and social occasions.


These beautiful and complex 18 karat gold stud earrings set with white diamonds are a beautiful addition to an exquisite collection of gold jewellry. The modern and complex design with polished and contoured artistry make this piece an asset.


.Combining the best of gemstone and gold artistry, these 18 karat gold earrings set with smoke quartz are a beauty suitable for everyday use because of the size and subtlety. They are also perfect for social outings because of the exquisite use of gemstones.


This piece is a unique reminder of ancient times and histories. This 18 karat gold stud earrings set with black diamonds are a mix of fashion, art and history exhibiting the style, personality and complexity of its wearer.


This 18 karat gold stud earrings set with white diamonds are an expression of creativity. They are light and easy on the ears, suitable for everyday wear.


These 18 karat gold flower shaped stud earrings are a classy and beautiful pair to be worn for events and dressy occasions.


These are exquisite 18 karat gold stud earrings with aqua marine additions suitable for young adults building a gold jewellry collection but will look exquisite on women of all ages.


A beautiful combination of diamonds and gold, these 18 karat gold stud earrings set with white and rough diamonds are an easy fit, elegant and comfortable. They look great whether worn to the office, for a dinner or party.


These 18 Karat gold earrings set with rough diamonds with hook and clasp fastening are an exquisite item in any jewellry collection. They are a unique set that are set apart from other items in your collection and can be worn for social events. They look nice on the wearer and shows your neck beautifully.


These fashionable Tovi Farber 18 karat gold earrings with hook clasp fastening and creative sculpting showcase the wearer’s style and personality.

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